Some unique features of this concert


             Before the four instruments discussed above each go their separate ways it seemed natural to hear them altogether in a concert.  Being based on the instruments by Onofrio Guarracino who worked in Naples it was therefore important to hear at least some music by Neapolitan composers.  Therefore pieces by Storace and Jommelli, both of whom lived and worked in Naples have been included in the programme.  The concert therefore provides a unique opportunity to hear the music of Naples performed on Neapolitan-style harpsichords which are otherwise not often used as models by modern harpsichord builders who tend to make harpsichords in the Venetian style.

            This concert also introduces the possibility of hearing all four harpsichords together. This presents a certain problem however.  As with the solo piano there is a vast repertoire of music for harpsichord solo.  There are, however, very few pieces for two harpsichords and even fewer for three.  The only piece for 4 harpsichords from the historical period is the concerto in la minore for four harpsichord and strings by Johann Sebastian Bach.  It was therefore imperative for this concert that this concerto should be performed.  But Bach also wrote harpsichord concertos for one, two and three harpsichords as well as the one for four harpsichords.  Given that four harpsichords are available, the concerto in c minor for two harpsichords and strings, and the concerto in d minor for three harpsichords and strings will also be performed.  What makes this part of the concert exceptional of course is that all of the instruments were made by the same craftsmen using the same materials and to the same design.  They are therefore, in effect, identical.  The opportunity to hear the Bach four harpsichord concert is a rare event.  But the opportunity to hear the Bach four harpsichord concert performed on four identical instruments is even rarer and an opportunity not to be missed.

            All those involved in this concert would like to thank Graziano Prantoni, mayor of Castel San Pietro Terme, Cultural Affairs Councillor Prof. Bruno D'amore, Il commune di Castel San Pietro, and the Associazone Imolese del C.N.A. (Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato) all of whom have kindly agreed to sponsor this concert.

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