Hand-made hardware

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        As well as all of the wooden parts of these harpsichords, the metal parts including the hinges, hasps, locks, tuning pins, hitchpins, balance pins, and bridge- and nut-pins are all handmade.


         By making everything ourselves we get exactly the quality, the sizes and materials that we want and not what is determined by commercial forces and availability.  This does mean that our instruments are somewhat more expensive than most.  However, the quality of what we produce is much higher and the 'feel' of hand-made parts is much more pleasing.


        The locks are all hand forged as are the keys.  The keys are individually made and are unique to each lock.  They are not interchangeable and in most cases the keys from one lock don't even enter in the keyhole of another.  The hasps for the locks are also hand made.  The lock is fitted into the vertical cheek brace on the side of the cheek and the hasp is attached to the front side edge of the lid flap.  Thus when the instrument is locked it is not possible to open the lid nor is it possible to remove the front fall board.


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