Construction of 4 prototype Neapolitan harpsichords


           Four instruments based on a few simple design principles and on my own experience were built:  two cassa levatoia (separate outer case) and two cassa falsa levatoia (integral construction) instruments were built all with exactly the same soundboard layout, area, string scalings, etc.  The photographs below show various stages of the construction of these four instruments.  These photographs are not representative of the overall construction of the instruments since they were not taken over the whole period of the construction process.  Instead they represent the phases of construction during the periods when Willie Hendry, who took the photographs, happened to be in Castel San Pietro working with us. 

           Those involved in the construction were Graziano Bandini and Grant O’Brien (principals) with Willie Hendry (sometime helper!).


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                              Soundboard rosette with no top rings   Finished soundboard rosette                    


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